Paragraph 180 – Leader of Nothing

leader of nothing falling doom goblin evil bad broken wing jetpackParagraph 180, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“Goodbye, leader of nothing,” Mog sniggered, and the goblin screamed out as he plunged downwards towards the same fate that the other goblins of the legion had taken. Damien wiped some sweat from his brow. “Gee, that was exhausting…” he panted. “But fun. Who know that defeating an evil goblin could be fun?” Mog laughed. “Yes, who knew?” he replied. He was about to go on and explain why he had been hiding throughout the battle when a voice wafted through the air. “Damien!” cried the voice. Damien turned around and saw the Super Wing hovering in the air many paibers away; Eshliou sitting in it, waving her arms about. Razling squawked happily when he found that Damien was okay. Mog leaned towards Damien. “Are those your friends?” he whispered nervously. “I’m a little shy…”

Paragraph 179 – The Destruction of the Lead Goblin

lead goblin destruction break crash snap destroy angryParagraph 179, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Mog dived towards the commander, who lashed out with his sword. Mog defended with his own cutlass and swerved upwards, circling around the goblin. The leader cried out in pure anger, activating his gravity glove. He tried to freeze Damien in his tracks, but nothing happened besides a fizzle of power and a zap noise. Damien chuckled. “Sorry, dude, but I’ve destroyed your glove.” The goblin looked at the palm of the gravity glove on his hand and angrily noticed that a large crack split the orb down the side. He scowled, glaring at Damien. “My laser deflection with your gravity glove activated.” boasted Damien. “The perfect opening. Who even appointed you as leader?” Mog chose the chance to strike. With a clang, the right wing of the goblin’s jetpack was shattered, snapping off and flying away with the power that remained in it.

Paragraph 178 – The Fighting Duo

fighting pair flying together darting out of way avoiding lead goblin escapeParagraph 178, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Mog and Damien both flew in separate directions and the commanding goblin whizzed past in an attempt to ram both of them out of the sky. He madly fired the laser pistol in anger, barely even aiming any more. Damien used his gravity glove to remove the pistol from the goblin’s hand, crushing it in the air with gravity force. The leader of the ruined goblin legion charged forward, swinging his fists wildly. Mog drew his cutlass and defended himself, Damien doing the same with his deflector shield. The goblin drew his cutlass as well, slicing the air as if thick vines barred his path towards Damien and Mog. “Let’s get fighting,” murmured Damien. “We’ve got to stop him.” Mog nodded. “Okay, Damien… Let’s go.”

Paragraph 177 – Mog

mog goblin good dedication determined powerful action-readyParagraph 177, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

And there was indeed something. Damien heard another woosh and from the corner of his eye he saw a blur zoom towards him and the goblin about to destroy him with that deadly laser pistol. The shape smashed into the goblin, and then Damien saw that the shape was a goblin himself. As the lead goblin tried to fly back towards Damien, the goblin who had saved him said a few quick words, hovering in the air with his jetpack. “I’m Mog,” said the goblin, “And I’m going to help you.” Damien’s eyes widened. “Really?” he said, without waiting for an answer. “Well okay, Mog, my name’s Damien, and thanks for saving me, but that goblin’s coming back for us… So GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

Paragraph 176 – Desperate Situation

laser pistol desperate situation threat death hands up doomedParagraph 176, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The lead goblin flew forward, staring evilly at Damien. “You’re not getting past me,” he growled. “The goblins will prevail. You are going down, human, just like the Master’s plan all along.” He jerked lifted up his laser pistol, placing it underneath Damien’s chin, ready to shoot. Suddenly, Damien was panicking, frantic for help. Anything would do, anything! He looked around again in a final hope that he would be saved… Surely there was something here!

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