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Paragraph 20 – MAGIC!!!

magic realisation mind blown red sparks power amazingParagraph 20, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

This was more than a common miracle, more than even a phenomenon. Damien’s mind was blown into space for many moments as he realised that this wasn’t coincidence, but magic. The force of nature’s power. “MAGIC!” Damien cried, not knowing what else to say. It was crazy! His arrow had been pulled off course by a red sparkle. That was definitely magic. He started mumbling and he became dizzy as he took it all in. Razling pulled Damien’s pant leg to make him sit. Once Damien had found that the world had stopped spinning and his mind had come back to Planet J again, he burst out with a madness of excitement. “Oh my gosh, Razling, DID YOU SEE THAT?! IT’S MAGIC!!!” Then he flopped down on the ground and stared at the clouds as they were painted gold and silver by the setting sun of the savannah surroundings. “Magic,” Damien whispered. “Magic.”

Paragraph 19 – Out-of-Key Archery

archery bow arrow shoot aim stone floss bend stretchy high sky flyParagraph 19, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Just as the shelter, the pillow and the fire, the survival-made bow and its natural arrows eventually were finished, therefore relieving Damien and Razling from their tasks. Damien found a tree, aimed with one of the arrows and fired, watching the arrow shoot towards an invisible target in the middle. In the last few seconds, it veered away, but Damien had skill in archery and knew that this was just because of the strong wind that had whipped up in the last few hours. Damien tried again, shooting to the side so his arrow would move over towards the tree. Just after he shot it, though, the wind died down, so the shot had all of a sudden gained the status of ‘about to miss’. Damien hung his head, knowing that he needed a little more practice again, but Razling squawked and he realized that a red spark was guiding the arrow! Damien’s eyes widened and he stared as the low-quality archery technique moved right back on track, gouging a hole in the tree with a solid ‘thunk’.

Paragraph 18 – Making the Bow and the Arrows

making bow and arrows sticks admiring testing lookingParagraph 18, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Razling bobbed his head and chirped as a yes, so Damien went to find a stiff but bendy branch for the bow’s frame during his break from the lengthy periods of boredom. Razling bounded around like a child on a high sugar level, pecking and scraping the ground for some sharp pebbles. Damien watched his little cipibird friend in his peripheral vision and looked for the best branch he could find. His search was short and fruitful, as Damien found a branch not far away the shelter, and Razling had already picked up piled up half a dozen pointy stones along with at least two strong, lightweight and short twigs. They smiled at each other and continued their tasks, Damien now rummaging his pockets for some floss to take the place of the bow’s string and Razling searching for a few more sticks and a good grinding stone.

Paragraph 17 – Shelter Satisfaction

shelter satisfaction hot ground sun heat hoitfly shelter complete thatched roof logs walls swatting stiklint herd bucks distance far awayParagraph 17, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Eventually, Damien had satisfied himself with his nice sloping shelter and Razling was also happy with his puffy, grassy pillow. They stood back and admired their work for survival, agreeing in their minds that it was a job well done. Now they had to get onto the next step of survival – finding food. Damien sat in the cool shade of the shelter as Razling scurried around; both of them on the lookout for wild game in the savannah as they passed time. They spotted a herd of stiklint bucks, but they were in the distance and therefore way too far away to catch. Damien swatted a hoitfly away from the shelter and his face as the landscape in the distance shimmered in the heat of the sun. Something needed to be done, something that included speaking into the awkward silence. “Razling, we need a hunting bow and some arrows.” Damien stated. “Do you reckon you could find some little sticks and stones?”

Paragraph 16 – Survival: Shelter Construction

shelter construction survival carbon cold melting welder klepti-tool spare weaving pillow grass sack long blades structure damien razlingParagraph 16, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

They got to work soon afterwards, Damien assembling the structure of the shelter and Razling shunting around the required resources with his fluffy greenish head. Damien made use of the spare klepti-tool in his pocket, using it to melt the wood together with his own ingenious cold carbon-melting system. It gave off a pungent odour of smoke, but neither of them seemed to mind as they constructed their temporary house to stay in while stuck in the harsh savannah. Once Razling had gathered enough resources, he tried pulling up some long grass and attempted to weave a sack as a pillow. He managed to create it well enough by holding the main bulk down with his talons and threading with the beak as Damien used some other grass to waterproof the shelter’s forming roof. Razling then stuffed the sack with more grass and made it comfy enough to sleep on.

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