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The Drauthoring Project is going along smoothly, with a lot of praise! Check out all of the drawings and paragraphs so far to see the whole story. Get the picture?
A stop-motion video about the alphabet called “Letter Adventure” is now released on the YouTube Channel! This is the description: “Roll up to see the awesome stop motion comedy created by yours truly, JJ! In Letter Adventure, all the letters of the alphabet come together to make a short, dramatic film that captures fun perfectly.” To check it out, click this link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wog4p12WWHw.

Paragraph 115 – A Whole New World

whole new world extikcya change different contradicting fascinating reversalParagraph 115, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Now that they were slowly moving through this strange dimension, Damien was realising how much Extikcya was a whole new world, completely different to Planet J… or even Earth! For example, these platforms were floating, and surely it wasn’t because of electromagnetic waves or something like that. New theories have to be created, ones that completely contradict the ones that humans of the known world are used to. The instincts taught to otherworldly people are also wholly rejected, and the new ones that must be learnt are ones that change you and remodel the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of you. A whole new world is truly marvellous and fascinating, yet completely topsy-turvy.

Paragraph 114 – Map of Extikcya

map of extikcya lines path dotted green drawn line islands shapes blobs labelsParagraph 114, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Of course, there was also the need to know where they were in Extikcya, otherwise Damien and Razling would be backtracking all the time and going on the same route over and over without even realising it. Damien looked around. The shattered crystal was just in sight, somewhere around what Damien wall call the horizon in a world that has no ground. He generated a clipboard and a piece of paper from the air, and then a magic pencil, which would extend the map’s paper if the pencil went off the page. He drew the shattered crystal, labelling it, and outlined an empty space, resembling the quopechis was that was now used in the Super Wing. Damien then added most of the other stalactites and islands, mainly the major ones, and switched the pencil to green. using this, he drew a dotted line that traced the route that he and Razling had taken so far.

Paragraph 113 – Departure to Exploration

departure to exploration flying quopechis stone islands exploring super wingParagraph 113, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“Come on, Razling!” yelled Damien. “Now is the time! Let’s travel Extikcya’s bottomless dimension in the Super Wing, and we will send the doom force away and… uh… Save the world!” Razling crowed and swooped off the back of the boat, gliding around the hull. Then he peeled away and flipped, landing gracefully into the Super Wing. Damien flapped towards the side, pulling himself in. He walked over to the motor and put his hands on two of the four pads that covered the magic expulsion pipes, jump-starting the empty motor. It shook and sputtered for a second, before soundlessly working the magic into kinetic energy. The power pushed the gears on the axles, which turned all the ones up to the wings, which swooshed up and down through the air. Slowly, but surely, the Super Wing started its departure into an uncharted world.

Paragraph 112 – The Super Wing

the super wing flying boat name engravedParagraph 112, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The flying boat was a sight to see. Now complete, Damien decided that it needed a name that would strike fear into the forces of darkness. It needed to be heroic, it needed to be inspiring, it needed to be something absolutely awesome. So what would it be called? What about… “The Valiant”? No, that was a bit clichéd. “The Doomstriker of Death”? No way, what a ridiculous mouthful! Oh, wait… Damien knew the perfect name for it! He would call it… “The Super Wing!” That was absolutely the best name anyone could make for a flying stone boat propelled by a magic battery motor.

Paragraph 111 – An Imposing Prow

imposing ship's prow wooden golden connections pin metal red magic spark indentParagraph 111, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien repeated this mechanism on the other side of the flying ship. It definitely was a flying ship, there was no doubt about that. On the front, Damien created something pointy and sharp, but still curved on the sides. Razling realised that it was the prow of the ship, and he flapped over and landed in the hull to watch. Damien added some bits to the prow’s wider end, and these additions allowed the prow to slot right into the grooves in the front of the hull that had been added earlier. Damien also made a steel lock peg, which he pushed into the hole near the grooves. There were holes in those bits in the grooves, too, so Damien could push the whole peg through and add the smaller peg into it. This smaller peg had a ring in it, and Damien flipped it over the bottom of the larger peg to lock it in place. Now the prow was done!

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