Paragraph 272 – Damien’s Agility

pure energy beam damien agility dragon power golden purple green orange radiation light heat everythingParagraph 272, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

He threw himself to the ground as the scorching heat and dangerous radiation blasted past in a beautifully powerful beam of gold, green, orange and purple hues. The other energy dragon also stepped forward and prepared to blast again, while the three dark dragons circled around Damien. He whistled, flying upwards to escape the doom force dragons, and Aggi faithfully answered the call, whisking him onto her back. She sent a beam of light into the midst of the dragons, distracting them temporarily as the light blinded them.

Paragraph 271 – The Dragon Of Pure Energy

dragon pure energy powerful golden ancient elaborate markings advance evil dark magic black silverParagraph 271, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The Shadow Lord threw his dark power at Damien, who nimbly dodged it and returned with his own bolt. The powerful overlord disappeared again, reappearing a few seconds later with five dragons at his side. Three of them were dark dragons, but the last two… They were the other type. The most powerful one… Then Damien remembered. It was a dragon of pure energy.

Paragraph 270 – Nuclear Laser

nuclear laser scope aim shadow lord power dark magic orb shockwave evil powerParagraph 270, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The nuclear laser whined as it powered up, gathering the energy it needed to fire. The inside of the nozzle glowed a blue colour and flashed with sparks of yellow-green nuclear energy. Mog shifted his aim and squinted through the scope once more, preparing the hit that would end everything. He trembled slightly as he looked at the Shadow Lord through the scope… His master. Or, at least, who once was his master… Mog shuddered again and tried to pull the trigger, but he couldn’t. The experiences of the Shadow Lord that lived in his heart was too much. With a sudden, striking blow of fear, Mog slumped to the ground, overwhelmed by the foreboding sense, and the laser gun fell from his hands and hit the ground with a loud clunk.

Paragraph 269 – The Army Advances

army dark magic shadow lord energy shockwave power gathered orb of darkness evilParagraph 269, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Eshliou entered the arena with an air of pride and leadership, the rest of the army following behind. The little flying humanoids were all prepared for the battle, spirits racing and determined. “For one last time, Shadow Lord,” Damien yelled, “Nothing is possible without teamwork!” He flung a bolt of fire at the Trerraralkus again and it was knocked down, burning viciously. The Shadow Lord gathered up his evil powers and held them above his head, and the pixies used the opportunity to circle around him. This however, was what the Shadow Lord wanted, and he let out the dark magic in a shockwave which slammed into each pixie simultaneously, knocking them down. He bellowed in triumph and prepared another attack meant for Damien, but at the same time, Mog looked down the scope of his laser and prepared to fire at the Shadow Lord.

Paragraph 268 – Surprises, Surprises

surprises mog communication device transmit signals wireless small dial channel speaker screen speak buttonParagraph 268, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien flew upwards, moving out of the Trerraralkus’ range, and then he let his friends take care of the rest. He had gathered up an armful of surprises, each one ready to crush the Shadow Lord… Forever. Eshliou had disappeared somewhere, although Damien knew where, and Razling was ready to do anything. Mog brought out an extremely powerful nuclear laser that Damien had given him earlier, and he also pulled a little communicator device from his pocket and spoke a command into it. A long way away, a small group of rebel goblins heard the call, and they got ready to head to their ally’s aid. Mog then spun the dial to change the channel, and he then murmured some words to Eshliou. She appeared at the gate with an ominous buzzing sound. Behind her was an IMMENSE army of pixies.

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