The Drauthoring Project is going along smoothly, with a lot of praise! Check out all of the drawings and paragraphs so far to see the whole story. Get the picture?
A stop-motion video about the alphabet called “Letter Adventure” is now released on the YouTube Channel mentioned above! This is the description: “Roll up to see the awesome stop motion comedy created by yours truly, JJ! In Letter Adventure, all the letters of the alphabet come together to make a short, dramatic film that captures fun perfectly.” To check it out, click this link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wog4p12WWHw.

Paragraph 29 – Tasty Stiklint Meat…

eating stiklint meat dinner stiklint leg venison eye gooey pecking bonfire log sittingParagraph 29, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien and Razling ate their roast dinner under the stars, trying to make out constellations in the dark night sky. Damien broke the star-gazing silence with a compliment to himself. “Mmm, this is tasty stiklint meat,” he commented. Razling reacted to this with a sort of laugh that came out more like a snort and a squawk. Damien thought that was pretty funny. “Ha, you might need to work on your giggle, Raz!” he said. Razling squawked and flapped around. “That’s the best you can do?” asked Damien. “Oh, what a shame. We could laugh the whole night otherwise!” Razling ‘giggled’ again to that. Damien continued chomping the rest of the meat off his stiklint leg and Razling hurried to peck through the rest of the stiklint’s eye. He had already guzzled half of the creature’s tongue. Once they had finished eating, Damien repeated his comment for extra emphasis; “Boy, that was really tasty meat!”

Paragraph 28 – Dinner Preparations

dinner stiklint spit roasting fire logs stones fire pit antlers poles stick through stiklint food meat venisonParagraph 28, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

After another hour, they had completed making the waterskin and the bucket. Damien used a rope made of vines to lower the bucket down his well,  and once he brought it up again, he and Razling had a very long drink, savouring as much of the cool liquid as they could. After the thirst quenching, Damien also remembered about the stiklint. They needed to eat it for dinner! Then maybe the leftovers could be turned into jerky.  It was getting dark, but Razling and Damien found enough sticks together to have a fire that would last half the night and allow them to roast the stiklint. Razling also managed to find a few forked branches, perfect for a spit to roast the stiklint on. When they were ready, Damien shoved a stick through the stiklint and slowly turned it over the fire, letting it cook evenly. Soon it would be time for dinner in the savannah!

Paragraph 27 – Leather Crafters

water waterskin dirt drawings scratching rope vines well dark holeParagraph 27, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The pair lowered a bucket made of large leaves down the well, but it was too leaky. They sat there for a while brainstorming ideas, and eventually Damien came up with a most ingenious design. “The stiklint!” he cried. Razling chirped in a confused way, and Damien explained. “If we skin the stiklint, Raz, we can use the leather to make a perfectly sealed bucket and then we can gather water!” Razling paused for a second to understand what Damien was saying. Then he drew a strange bent ellipse in the dirt with his beak. “Jellybeans?” Damien asked. “A newborn bhiowie?” Razling imitated a sigh and added a squirting sort of blobbish shape on one end of the drawing. “Aha!” cried Damien. “A waterskin, right?” This brought a fit of furious nodding from Razling. Damien decided he should confirm everything, though. “So, Raz, what you’re saying is we can also make a waterskin from the leather so that we can carry the water wherever we go instead of always coming back to the well. Right?” said Damien. Razling nodded again. “Cool.”

Paragraph 26 – How to Dig a Well

magic how to dig a well sparks red yellow power disintegrationParagraph 26, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

An hour or two later, Damien had dragged the stiklint back to the shelter. When he arrived, he found Razling attempting to dig a hole in the ground. “Raz, what are you trying to do? Dig a well to get some water?” Damien asked. Razling nodded. This interpretation thing was pretty easy once you did it a bit! “Do you need some help, Raz?” asked Damien, intending to help regardless of the answer. “I won’t mean to show off, but here goes nothing!” He pulled the power from inside his body and placed it in his hands, feeling the tension build and the magic swell. Razling hopped back a few steps and squawked as if to say that it was dangerous. Damien didn’t care; he knew how to handle magic, so he kept going anyway. Eventually he was ready, so he released a concentrated stream of magic into the ground, and the hard soil gave way and disintegrated to Damien’s beam of red sparks. A small rushing sound was heard after a small period. The pair peered down the well, spotting a subterranean river flowing through. “That, Raz,” stated Damien proudly, “Is how to make a real well.”

Paragraph 25 – Controlling the Power

stiklint dead magic arrow heal antlersParagraph 25, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“Hmm,” Damien said. “That really hurt. I thought this magic was supposed to be nice!” No-one came to tell him if that was the case or not, but Damien was still determined. “Here goes nothing,” he mumbled, and he fired the magic arrow towards the stiklint buck in the distance. The arrow did nothing different, so Damien tried to connect to the arrow’s power through his mind and concentrated on getting it to the stiklint. His retinas registered the arrow’s movement and told Damien’s brain that it needed to go faster, so Damien told that to the arrow’s magic. It gained velocity towards the buck in the distance and hit it with such force that the animal was thrown into the air and landed in the savannah dust again a few paibers away, or a few metres if you refer to them that way. Damien ran over and admired the work of the magic force, seeing that there were no wounds on the stiklint, yet he found that the creature had still died.

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