Paragraph 214 – The Dragon’s Powers

dragon's powers fire flame electric lightning bolt unknown purple power question markParagraph 214, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“A fire dragon,” commented Mog. Damien nodded, sidestepping another swipe from the dragon. “Yes, and so is the other orange one,” he replied. “And the turquoise dragon over there is an electrically powerful one.” Mog frowned. “And the purple one?” he asked. “Do you know what the purple dragon is?” Damien leapt up to avoid another blow from the fire dragon and flapped around, jabbing the dragon in the back of the neck. It swung around and swiped, missing again. Damien paused and shook his head apologetically. “The purple dragon’s still a mystery to me,” he said. “I have no idea.” He was blown from his thoughts by a blast of hot air from the fire dragon, and a stream of fire shortly followed. Damien almost got one of his wings burnt as he dived out of the way.

Paragraph 213 – Fencing With Dragons

fire dragon orange markings angry headParagraph 213, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien gulped. He tried to hide his fear. “Heh,” he started, “You cowardly dragons… You don’t even know how to work alone.” One of the dragons growled. “You’re too scared, aren’t you?” sneered Damien. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Move along.” The purple dragon bellowed and shuffled back, gaining a battle stance. Mog grinned at Damien’s taunt and quickly drew his cutlass. Damien created his pewter sword again, then thought better of it. He threw it into the air, and it flashed with magic sparks, transforming and coming back down as a fencing sword, (an épée, to be precise). One of the orange dragons leapt in front of the purple dragon and lit its claws on fire, and Damien caught his épée and parried the lunge with a jab towards the ribs, which it had left unguarded. The dragon roared and jerked backwards, breathing fire.

Paragraph 212 – Dragons… Four of Them!

dragons purple marks big scary unknown typeParagraph 212, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

They heard a snarling noise and a thump as one of the creatures climbed onto the island from the air. Razling was petrified in fear and let out a feeble chirp before he was physically restricted from anything by his mind. Three more snarls sounded and four hulking forms emerged from the shadows, surrounding the boys. “Dragons…” murmured Mog, “Four of them!” “Not again,” Damien grumbled. “And now we’re also outnumbered.” Even Mog’s courage deserted him at the sight of the dragons. There were two of them with vibrant orange-red markings, and another with the blue-green markings of the dragon Damien had previously fought and tranquillised with the whip. But one more, bigger than all the others, stepped forward. The markings that the dragon sported were a deep, dark indigo shade and its roar was low and loud.

Paragraph 211 – The Hunt is Not Finished

hunt group island quopechis silhouettes large life formsParagraph 211, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien looked around warily. “Ok… It’s gone,” he announced. Razling cooed, dismayed. What happened to the thrill of the hunt? Mog and Razling sighed simultaneously, and then Mog choked on his own breath as he suddenly gasped. Some other aura had entered the vicinity… And it was a big, living thing. “Quiet down, guys,” Mog whispered, suddenly scared again. Now he could sense more of these creatures. “The hunt is not finished yet… But this time, we’re the hunted!”

Paragraph 210 – Shadouettes Are Hard to Catch

shadouette flying escape bird like form strange evasive creatureParagraph 210, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The shadouette turned around on the ground and looked up, seeing the startled face of Damien. It screeched at an impossibly high volume and Damien and Mog recoiled. Razling could not hear noises of that frequency, so all he noticed was a low humming and he landed, wings spread out, onto the shadouette. It writhed and screeched again as Razling tried to cover it up to stop it from escaping, and then the shadouette yanked Razling’s wing feathers. Razling squawked loudly in pain and bounced backwards. The shadouette bounded forward a few steps and sprung from the ground. Before the trio’s eyes, it transformed instantly into some sort of bird-creature, and it screeched once more, flapping off into the dark air.

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