Paragraph 238 – Those Pesky Cherry Piranhas!

pesky cherry piranha fish red body green stalk angler green tail fin angry green lipsParagraph 238, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Mog eventually stepped onto the cookies to bring up the rear, and they all ignored the cherry piranhas. It wasn’t as if they would jump out of the water, right? Each time someone was about to jump forward, tension filled the air, and then they would hop and wobble precariously on their next cream-filled cookie. Everything was going well until Damien cried, “GYAAAAAH!!!” and Eshliou was so scared of this that she almost lost her balance. A piranha flew through the air as Damien flung it from his leg before it shred it to pieces. “That piranha jumped out of the milk!” he yelled. “It’s time to take precautions.” He let a flat laser gun appear in his hands, preparing to zap the next jumping piranha.

Paragraph 236 – The Milkshake Swamp

milkshake swamp cream-filled cookies banana tree icecream boulder cherry piranha sprinkle fliesParagraph 236, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien, Eshliou and Razling came over to check it out. “Oh. My. Goodness,” said Eshliou when she took a look. They could see piranhas made of cherries and strange trees made of peeled bananas, lilypads made of cookies with cream in the middle, and boulders that resembled scoops of icecream. What a strange place. Damien try to fly upwards, but his wings were immobilised by the same force as Aggi had been dragged down by, and he was forced to jump, hopping onto the first ‘lilypad’ in the swamp.

Paragraph 235 – Crashed

aggi crashed force power falling d'oragonParagraph 235, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

They could see to where they where heading, and it seemed to be a swamp on a quopechis island. That was strange… Damien didn’t remember any water sources in Extikcya. But with a closer look, Damien saw that it wasn’t water in that ‘swamp’. It almost looked like… Milk?! That was very strange. The swamp came closer and closer in Damien’s field of view, and they crashed onto the edge of it, not in the milk. Aggi growled and then whimpered in pain, flapping one of her wings gingerly. “You poor thing,” soothed Damien, and he patted Aggi softly. Mog had been thrown off when Aggi had crashed and he looked around, flabbergasted. “Woah… Damien…” he murmured, and paused. “Damien, we’re on the edge of a milkshake swamp!”

Paragraph 234 – A Powerful Force

powerful force almost magnetic drawing in power electromagneticParagraph 234, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

When Aggi began flying again after her rest, Mog could feel something change in the aura. He couldn’t pinpoint what, but it seemed to be some sort of force. Almost like… A magnetic force? He wasn’t sure. Then Aggi wobbled in the air, and Mog could feel this force taking hold of her, pulling her somewhere. The D’Oragon spasmed again and roared, and Damien looked around, confused. “What’s going on?!” he yelled, as Aggi began plunging downwards, unable to fly anywhere. “It’s some sort of force!” replied Mog. “And it’s pulling us down… Hold on!”

Paragraph 233 – Loss of Energy

energy bar wheat-sugar mix up rectangular prism tasty food itemParagraph 233, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

More time passed, and Aggi grew tired as she flew. Damien made an energy-boosting mix of grains and seeds for Aggi, who ate it graciously, and she continued to bring her passengers onwards, but still tiring and following the shadouette all the while. Eventually, the consuming fatigue that comes with hard work overtook Aggi, and she flew down to rest on an island. Damien gave everyone a wheat-and-sugar bar to snack on as they sat there and let Aggi recover her strength, and Razling decided to sharpen his beak on a smooth rock. The scraping sounds became monotonous and annoying as everyone waited impatiently, knowing that the existence of the whole world was likely on the line.

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