Spiruntus Lap Flower

spiruntus lap flower petals circumgyratio petalis floris spiralling petals flower curled leaves bendy stemThis is Scrabble Experiment 324.

I drew a flower with spiralling, overlapping petals. That’s why I called it the Spiruntus Lap Flower, or if you like the complicated stuff, the scientific name is circumgyratio petalis floris, which in Latin means ‘spiralling petals flower’. How very fitting! The leaves of the Spiruntus Lap are also curled at the ends. At night, this flower uncurls its petals and extends them to full length so that the wind jostles the petals and knocks the pollen into the air so that it can pollinate!

Miyth of a Mystical Fantasy Origin

miyth magic fast speed mythical force emanating below spikes shoulders witch hat star long aerodynamic wings four fingers legend creatures fantasy emergenceThis is a Scrabble Experiment, and it has the number two hundred and twenty-three.

This is the first fantasy character I have properly made up, and its name is the ‘miyth’. Pronounced just like ‘myth’, the miyth has magic power so strong it is incomparable to any other creature alone. The magic force that emanates from below this creature allows extreme speed and propulsion while flying, and when combined with the long, aerodynamic wings, it is even faster than a pixie. This is very fast considering a pixie is as fast as a bee at top speed. The miyth is also very interesting because of its origin, which is still partly undiscovered. All we know so far is that it emerged with another creature of equivalent power in magic…

Constructing Gingerbread Houses

making gingerbread houses food decorating icing candy sweets lollies constructions buildingThis is Scrabble Drawing 322!

We invited some people over and had a blast constructing and decorating gingerbread houses! The houses collapsed after construction for almost everybody, but it was still fun joining the walls and roof and piping on all that icing! We also enjoyed decorating the gingerbread houses with candy and other lollies and sweets. There were jubes, ‘pucker ups’ and little candy balls. I drew my neatly decorated gingerbread house above, icing and all.

Pixie Standing on a Leaf

pixie creature small leaf fantasy fast flyer wings shadows cap stockings stripey square frillsThis is Scrabble Experiment 321… (Blast-off!)

I am yet again doing more fantasy creatures for my drawing repertoire. This time, the form is a pixie. They are possibly the smallest fairies in existence; being only as tall as a maple leaf. The flying ability of a pixie is vastly better than any other fairy type, unmatched throughout almost all fantasy. The only creatures faster are the “miyths“, the most mythical beings in fairytale history.

Boot Made of Leather and Rubber

boot leather brown hiking sole reflection grip laced up collar insideThis is Scrabble Project Drawing 320; a Scrabble Picture.

The word came to me this time was ‘boot’. This tough leather hiking boot is laced up through the golden metal eyelets, and this big shoe is so polished you can see the reflection of the light on it! The sole of the boot is rubber, and therefore very good for gripping on slippery surfaces, especially a mountain!

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