A Metro Church

metro church lights smoke red singer spotlights dance lyrics wall led lights flashing yellowDrawing 302 from the amazing Scrabble Project!

I went to the church my best friend Sam goes to, a Metro church. (I went because I slept over the previous day) It’s so different to my church experiences because it’s all lights and colours and dancing! There’s also many more modern songs used, and a lot of them are the same ones we sing in chapel at school. I love Metro churches so much!

Graffiti Art – “Punk”

punk graffiti words art spray paint p blue yellow sharp lightning bolt u u-turn purple n orange green zombie witch hand brown jagged bolt red blood dripping slimy flower splat paint green pink star explosion yellow orange peeling paint wall bricks spray bottle aerosol Experiment #333!

I felt like trying out a graffiti style art. Here it is; evil graffiti spray painted clearly; “PUNK”. The ‘P’ in ‘punk’ starts off as electric blue, blending in at the bottom to created a jagged yellow lightning bolt. A splat of turquoise paint is seen above, and then comes the ‘U’, or should I say ‘U-Turn’? The purple arrow at the end certainly keeps it from being a normal ‘U’. After that is the bright orange ‘N’, with a green hand like a zombie or witch reaching out from within the colour. Lastly we have the pointy old ‘K’, with a brown bang downwards and a red dripping arrow out the side. The lower piece of this graffiti then pops out, with more curling drips. A star explosion and a flower both adorn the blank space over at the end while a piece of the wall’s paint has peeled off in the corner…

Spirit of Doom Coming for You!

spirit ghost purple evil haunt underworld waving arms howling voice glowing red eyes trapped portal dark forebodingThis is the 300th SCRABBLE PICTURE!! It’s an Experiment.

I drew some spirit ghost thing. I just felt like it, no other explanation! He emerges from a portal of the Underworld, black and dreary with purpley evil essence surrounding it. The purple misty body adds a dark, evil feeling to the room as the spirit advances. His glowing red eyes are staring at you, full of hatred and disgust. The spirit waves his arms around and howls in a mourning voice for the dead, and you scream and run!!!

You have been taken… Never to see the light of day again. You are trapped in the underworld forever.

David and His Sling

david sling movie short film music video acting swinging twirling ripple effect schoolScrabble Drawing 299!

For our Ripple Effect project at school, we were making a short music video/film about David and Goliath and a modern day problem of bullying tied in together. I got to act the part of David, and I made the sling, too!

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