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The Drauthoring Project is going along smoothly, with a lot of praise! Check out all of the drawings and paragraphs so far to see the whole story. Get the picture?
A stop-motion video about the alphabet called “Letter Adventure” is now released on the YouTube Channel! This is the description: “Roll up to see the awesome stop motion comedy created by yours truly, JJ! In Letter Adventure, all the letters of the alphabet come together to make a short, dramatic film that captures fun perfectly.” To check it out, click this link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wog4p12WWHw.

Paragraph 78 – The Second Lift-Off

second lift-off temple magic sparks flying golden ring beam rumble shake dust darkness power flyingParagraph 78, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The Temple’s convulsions rose in volume and power, rocking on a wider space with each rumble. Razling was sure he sensed the Temple’s foundation snapping from the rest of the savannah. The dust flew through the air, and although it wasn’t very visible in the absolute darkness of the doom storm, everyone could feel it settling onto them. Damien pushed the magic to its limits, and a roar arose from the base of the magic structure. Not much longer now… Keep it steady. Damien lifted his hands, and the Temple quaked now with massive, ear-splitting turbulences of cluttered noise. Snapping sounds seemed to rise from the base and ricochet around the pillars. And slowly, no more than a few inches at a time, the Temple began to rise… and rise… and rise. It was LIFT-OFF!

Paragraph 77 – The Impossible Attempt

the impossible attempt light darkness shining glowing nature human magic pixie magic temple golden beam circle ray damien's hands shoot thoughts doomed thinking doom storm dust rising temple shaking rumblingParagraph 77, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Eshliou trailed closely behind Damien, trying to read his mind. But all Eshliou encountered in Damien’s mental realm was a wall of sheer brainpower, crafting a carefully hidden plan. Razling, who was still running around in circles at the Temple, squawked as an inquiry to what Damien was doing. The heroic child prodigy stood a few paibers away from the Temple’s edge and let a golden beam trace itself around the structure. From it emanated red magic sparks with yellow trails, and soon afterwards; pink and green pixie streaks. The Temple rumbled and dust was shaken from the cavities of the ancient magic spires, finally loose after thousands of years. Eshliou flew to the trembling erection and tightly clung to it, Razling following suit. If Damien was doing what Eshliou thought he was… Oh no. He couldn’t. If Eshliou’s thoughts were correct… Than they might have all been doomed. Damien was attempting… the IMPOSSIBLE.

Paragraph 76 – The Storm Prevails

doom storm prevails continues eshliou stopped damien running sprinting escaping idea shoutingParagraph 76, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The doom storm slowly retreated in this way; Damien and Eshliou pushing further and further into pixie magic and letting the force of nature do the rest. After a few minutes of slow, painful pushing, the storm seemed to realise it wasn’t getting to the destination it wanted to go to, and it jerked back towards the Temple in a surge of power. Eshliou realised the danger first and alerted Damien of it. “Damien, the magic isn’t working! The doom storm is prevailing!” Eshliou yelled, desperation darting in her eyes with the rising roar of the advancing storm. It crept closer with every second, and Damien yanked an idea from the corner of his mind that could save them. “To the Temple!” Damien cried, starting to sprint towards the structure.

Paragraph 75 – The Attempt to Hold It Back

attempt hold back doom storm pixie magic sparkles streaks power nature wind pushing backParagraph 75, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project

Damien stood his ground, though. “No, Eshliou,” he voiced sternly. “We must try to hold it back.” Eshliou looked towards the ground. Damien was right. Well, then, it was time to send in some magic! “Let’s send some pixie magic in, Damien,” decided Eshliou. “Use it to bring in the stormy wind and send the power of the doom storm back the way it came!” Damien smiled at Eshliou’s ever-burning determination to keep going. It was just like his own. “What are you waiting for?” Eshliou demanded, snapping Damien out of his thoughts. “Quick! Hurry!” Damien shook his head quickly and focused on the wind in the storm of darkness. He found the strongest part and he used the wind just outside of it to build up and turn around. Slowly but surely, in a flurry of pink and green pixie sparkles, the storm moved back.

Paragraph 74 – The Doom Force is Coming!

the doom force is coming storm horizon menacing black cloud Paragraph 74, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project

A moment later, Razling perked his head and looked around, fear and anxiety widening his eyes. He started hopping around and squawking loudly. “Slow down,” soothed Damien. “Everything is going to be just -” He cut himself off and turned to Eshliou. “Eshliou, do you feel that?” Damien asked. She nodded. “We have to go,” she said, in frightened tones. “We should not be here…” Eshliou trailed off. Damien and Razling waited for the end, their survival depending on it. “The Doom Force is coming!” Eshliou cried, panic dancing through her once-determined pixie eyes. As she said this, a looming, menacing black cloud rose on the horizon. “It’s not safe here!” Eshliou yelled, as a rumble rose from the direction of the ‘doom storm’.  “Escape, quick! Go, go, GO!!!”

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