Paragraph 151 – Rocks of Destruction

flying rocks of destruction flashes shooting fast speed deadly destroy quopechisParagraph 151, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien turned back around and Razling crowed with happiness. There was no more electric dragon to worry about now! Damien hopped back into the boat and started it up again, moving further into the distance. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but as the pair took in their surroundings, numeral rocks appeared with bright flashes and shot towards the boat. One by one, another flash of light occurred and another rock sped towards the Super Wing. “What’s happening?!” yelped Damien. “It doesn’t look too good…” Soon enough, the first rocks slammed into the boat with surprising speed and power, shoving it directly off course and carving huge dents into the hull. The left wing snapped in half and the boat swerved to one side, tilting downwards.

Paragraph 150 – Close Combat Spike Whip

close combat spike whip crack immobilisation liquid serumParagraph 150, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien’s bow and arrow merged, being changed into a spike whip. The spike on the end of the spike whip was still coated in that shiny green immobilisation liquid that the arrow had used. The handle glinted a golden colour, made from a rubbery metal from Planet J called Grebulite. The dragon lunged and lashed out, but Damien swung the spike whip very close to the dragon’s wings. It retreated and came back from the other side. Damien yanked back the whip and spun around, snapping it in the air. The dragon was grazed by the spike on its left claws. Damien flipped back the other way, performing a mid-air barrel roll. He cracked the whip once more, and the dragon was hit again, this time across the back. It stopped moving, falling towards the bottomless nothingness of Extikcya.

Paragraph 149 – Dragon Encounter

dragon encounter evil grin teeth sharp silver black wings arms silver spines spikesParagraph 149, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The dragon hovered in the air, flapping lightly. “See that colour?” Damien whispered to Razling, “It’s an electricity dragon. We have to be careful.” He flipped out of the boat and glided down, looking up at the dragon. He whipped out a new, magical version of the bow he had created just days before. He pulled out a sparkling green immobilisation arrow. It could temporary paralyse the target, and for a dragon it would just take ages to fly back up again. That would at least get them out of the way.
The dragon reared its head and bared its teeth. They glinted silver, and the wings split at the colours when the dragon curled them up. Damien nocked the arrow and drew the string back, closing one eye to aim. The dragon roared. He shifted and brought the bow to its maximum tension. That’s when the beast leapt forward. Straight towards Damien.

Paragraph 148 – End of Story

end of story dragon blue black turquoise silver shining electricParagraph 148, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“Gary and Budgelljuck sat down, exhausted. The spaceship shot through the air, rattling every now and then with an encounter to a lone little meteor. Stars streamed past in lines, although that’s not how real stars look when you look out of a rocket, that’s just fantasy style. The ship was slowly getting closer and closer to the Space Station Smasher and closer to getting rid of -” Damien stopped telling the story abruptly. Razling squawked. Keep going, Damien! “No,” said Damien, in a partially worried voice. “That’s it, end of story.” Razling crowed, louder this time. No fair! He wanted to hear more! He chirruped in enquiry. Damien was speechless, staring straight past Razling. The cipibird turned around weakly and his eyes widened. Damien finally found the words to speak. The pair freaked out as one. “DRAGON!!!” Damien shrieked.

Paragraph 147 – KA-POW!

KA-POW! holographic table tennis bounce ping pong racquet handle button fling projected 3DParagraph 147, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“The battle raged on and Gary won the match, but Budgelljuck was a fast learner and he managed to win the second match that they performed. KA-POW! went the ping-pong balls, as the sensors in the rackets picked them up. Ping, pong, ping, thonk, KA-POW! Budgelljuck and Gary both performed power shots as often as they could. Soon, both Budgelljuck and Gary had won ten table tennis matches each, and they were getting close to the end of the twenty-first match, which was going to be the winning point. The round seemed even, and the constant ping-pong noise was never interrupted by a ‘thonk, KA-POW!’  because the two were making sure they didn’t give their opponent a chance to have a power shot. It was a close battle. Ping, pong, ping, pong, ping, pong… And it went on. …ping, pong, ping, thonk, KA-POW! Suddenly Gary had grazed the ball from a badly aimed swing and the power that was lost was used by Budgelljuck, who won the match!

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