Love Kaleidoscope Experiment

love kaleidoscope pink pretty hearts red purpley colour swirly candy-floss clouds waves spikesScrabble Picture 334.

Thinking about the clover kaleidoscope I drew. I thought about it and then I had it – a love kaleidoscope! This one turned out a little different, having four sides to expand and not three and six. It swirled out from the center, coming out with sharp but graceful twirls of pink and red. Then you have your hearts in the love kaleidoscope and even some cloud-like formations! It’s just as simple as drawing, and voilaExclomma (Exclamation Comma) you can have an amazing extravaganza of pink matter fluctuating in an flowery bomb of cute love shapes.

Graffiti Art – “Punk”

punk graffiti words art spray paint p blue yellow sharp lightning bolt u u-turn purple n orange green zombie witch hand brown jagged bolt red blood dripping slimy flower splat paint green pink star explosion yellow orange peeling paint wall bricks spray bottle aerosol Experiment #333!

I felt like trying out a graffiti style art. Here it is; evil graffiti spray painted clearly; “PUNK”. The ‘P’ in ‘punk’ starts off as electric blue, blending in at the bottom to created a jagged yellow lightning bolt. A splat of turquoise paint is seen above, and then comes the ‘U’, or should I say ‘U-Turn’? The purple arrow at the end certainly keeps it from being a normal ‘U’. After that is the bright orange ‘N’, with a green hand like a zombie or witch reaching out from within the colour. Lastly we have the pointy old ‘K’, with a brown bang downwards and a red dripping arrow out the side. The lower piece of this graffiti then pops out, with more curling drips. A star explosion and a flower both adorn the blank space over at the end while a piece of the wall’s paint has peeled off in the corner…

Binoabo Fish

binoabo fish algarum pisces kelp fish wavy tail fins blobby fins frills pouty big lips beady black eyeExperiment 332! (from the Scrabble Project, that is…)

I drew this fish! It started with two lines and a curve. Then that all got changed, and it eventually ended up as this, the binoabo fish. With frills and fins like kelp or seaweed and a mouth like two pouty lips, the binoabo is unique with its vivid colours and beady eyes. The scientific name belonging to the binoabo fish is algarum pisces, which fittingly means ‘kelp fish’.


trerraralkus vitae ambulemus tree curls plant life roots walking life legs spiky thorny shoulders branches trunk rump glowing yellow eyes leafy hair headThis is the 331st Scrabble Experiment!!

I drew this tree thing, or to be a little more precise, this trerraralkus. For tree-like creatures, it starts at the bottom of course, so first we think about the legs that are formed from roots here. The trunk, or should I say rump, of the trerraralkus, comes up next. Etched into it are facial features; the nose, mouth and two glowing yellowish eyes. Its hair is a big leafy clump. Anyway, next comes the tough wooden arms, branching out with spirally plant curls, and ending with a little jagged spike. The shoulders are also massed with splintery forms. The trerraralkus’ scientific name is vitae ambulemus, which turns out in Latin as ‘walking life’.

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