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Leonard – The Hit Kit

leonard lead singer hit kit band jacket hair microphoneThe 351st Scrabble Experiment. Two weeks until the end of the project!

Upon request from a commenter named SK, I started to draw the people in the Hit Kit band. The lead singer, Leonard, is the first one that I drew. He loves singing more than anything else in the world (besides chocolate). Leonard always wears his brown leather bike jacket while on the stage, and his haircut pushes golden-brown hair to one side, just past his eyes. He rocks the stage as he sings and everyone cheers for an encore! Together with the rest of the Hit Kit he has produced 6 albums already.

Asiklops Worm

asiklops worm praecantatio vermes magic sorcery worm curled tail red shadow innocent lookThis the 350th Experiment from the great Scrabble Project.

This worm is the great asiklops worm. It may seem weird at first, but the asiklops has vast amounts of magic stored inside it, so vast that it could make an entire forest turn to dust if the power is harnessed. This is the only asiklops worm existing, so we have it under protection to ensure no harm comes to it. The scientific name is praecantatio vermes, or ‘sorcery worm’.


petra-star mechanical gadget blades sharp angled corners science slicing air bolts nuts screws dangerous weaponThis is another Experiment for making mechanics! The number; 349.

This gadget is the most advanced spinning device all over Planet J. The sharp ends of the Petra-Star, as this thing is called, slice through the air and vast speed, sometimes even splitting atoms and causing miniature explosions. It’s great for evil deeds, so for now the Petra-Star is a classified mechanical gadget.

Rectimonding Machine

diamond rectimonding über machine carbon pressure electricity bolts power force field metal dish#348 from the Scrabble Project; an Experiment.

I created this simply-drawn machine, the DRUM, or Diamond Rectimonding Über Machine. It’s a pretty simple operation process, because all you have to do is drop in some carbon and the dish sends out high-pressurised charges to turn it into diamond. The science behind the Rectimonding Machine is more complicated, and I’m sure you might get a little confused reading it all!

Aztec Bitopole

aztec bitopole aztecorum bipedalis bipedal totem pole stripes frills sun-god style dangly purple streamer blobs bulging eyes long skinny arms legs body knobblyHey, look! It’s Scrabble Experiment 347!

This is a relatively weird creature this time! I called it the Aztec bitopole, ‘bitopole’ meaning ‘bipedal totem pole‘. Because of the yellow colouration and the frilly sun-god style head, I decided it was an Aztec type. The skinny body, arms and legs all make the Aztec bitopole all the more like a real totem pole. Bitopoles are trained to stand still when commanded to, so they make great living markers for all sorts of things. The scientific name of the Aztec bitopole is ‘aztecorum bipedalis‘, and as you can easily see, it means ‘Aztec biped’.

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