Paragraph 327 – Back in the Human Dimension

back in the human dimension quick razling flying shadouette flying damien riding motorcycle fast excited happyParagraph 327, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

And, there was Damien, back in the savannah, underneath the shadow of the resealed Temple. It hummed lightly as Damien and his pets dropped into the dimension. “Come on,” said Damien, “Let’s get home.” He used some magic to create his prized motorcycle once more, along with the prototyped engine. Razling and the shadouette flew either side of the vehicle as Damien roared across the savannah. The Canyon of Many Echoes came into view after no less than half an hour, and Damien threw some more magic across to form a bridge. He raced across it and subsequently dissipated the bridge… Damien was almost home!

Paragraph 326 – In the Portal Again

inside portal bright colours green gold blue mingling mixingParagraph 326, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Razling and the shadouette both entered the portal with Damien, and there they were, in the portal dimension again. This time, however, the colours were more vibrant and ‘healthy’… The dimension was stabilizing. Travelling in the portal didn’t seem so warped, this time. Damien flashed from sight as he reached the other end of the portal, and then the animals did too.

Paragraph 325 – The Return Portal

return portal earthly colours black frame border swirlingParagraph 325, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

With a “whomp”, the magic opened up a new portal that would reach back to the “human” dimension, the portal that would bring Damien home. Damien shed his wings, feeling sorrow for their abandonment, and turned towards Eshliou and Mog. “Goodbye,” he said to them, and hugged them tight. “We’ll miss you,” Eshliou replied, “We really will.” Mog did not say a word, but he expressed his feelings through aura, and Damien knew he was just as miserable. He turned back to the portal, Razling and the shadouette took Damien’s sides, and they prepared to enter. Damien sighed sorrowfully, and with a look of determination into the portal, took the leap.

Paragraph 324 – The Time Comes to Leave

leave time magic swirling star 3d hologram human magic pixie magic trails sparks rotatingParagraph 324, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

As Damien turned to leave, he heard the familiar screech of the shadouette that he now knew so well. The pod had been disintegrated in the implosion, and the shadouette had seemingly disappeared. But now, here it was! Razling trailed behind Damien, ready to leave Extikcya. “Come on, you two,” said Damien, rubbing the heads of his two new pets. “Let’s go home.” Razling and the shadouette both screeched in approval. Damien quickly healed his wounds as to not look suspicious when returning to Planet J, and then walked over to the edge of the island. Eshliou joined the group, and together with Damien and Razling she focused their magic into a central point.

Paragraph 323 – Extikcya Celebration

extikcya celebration confetti multicoloured yellow green orange blue purple pieces of paper small raining downParagraph 323, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien commenced celebration by throwing some magic confetti into the air. It exploded and multiplied, then began to rain down infinitely as Damien and his friends landed on an island and exchanged hugs. Before their eyes, the big island began to reform, as well as some of the smaller islands that were destroyed. The fog that had plagued Extikcya slowly cleared as the heroes celebrated. Eshliou began to cry tears of joy and they all stood happily in the new light of Extikcya. The evil of the Shadow Lord was no more. It was time for a new beginning in Extikcya.

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