Watercolour Paints and Paintbrush

watercolour paints brush waterScrabble Experiment 295…

Now this one is a real experiment, because I tried out some watercolour paints given to me to borrow. The actual paint at the bottom of the paintbrush was just put on the paper, whereas the rest was washed over with water and then painted. I discovered that the washing over is a lot neater but the straight painting is smoother and darker. I also found that the paper of a visual diary does not hold water very well so it tears if I put water then paint!

Ram With a Charging Temper

ram animal mad charge horns fluffy sheep curlyThis is Scrabble Picture 291!

You’ve already figured it out, haven’t you? The word, of course, was ‘ram’. I always have imagined a ram as an angry creature, so that’s how I drew it! The ram is staring right at you with big curly horns and a fluffy body, just like any other sheep.

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