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The Drauthoring Project is going along smoothly, with a lot of praise! Check out all of the drawings and paragraphs so far to see the whole story. Get the picture?
A stop-motion video about the alphabet called “Letter Adventure” is now released on the YouTube Channel! This is the description: “Roll up to see the awesome stop motion comedy created by yours truly, JJ! In Letter Adventure, all the letters of the alphabet come together to make a short, dramatic film that captures fun perfectly.” To check it out, click this link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wog4p12WWHw.

Paragraph 54 – Sight, Smell, Hearing…

smell healed sparks nostrils up noseParagraph 54, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

And with that a few red and yellow sparks flew from his hands and up his nose. “EERIGLUUURGH!” Damien gargled as the magic healed his sense of smell. Damien didn’t even remember he had magic anymore, so he was really confused. Soon, though, he was sniffing the air with enhanced nostrils, and a peculiar scent wafted around. Damien tracked the scent to his armpits, realising that he hadn’t been in civilisation for quite a long time. It was scary. “Yuck,” said Damien, and he spat on the ground to remove the stench. Not that it helped. He turned his head back towards the Temple and tried to stand up. He fell down almost immediately. Damien muttered, “Nope. No touch yet.” He then realised he no taste sense coming back to him either. So he sat on the ground for a bit longer.

Paragraph 53 – Must… Regain… Senses!

senses sight clear red shapeParagraph 53, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

As his brain kicked out some of the fuzzy feelings, Damien was able to recognize the noise. It was Razling! But his thoughts were still a bit muddled, and he couldn’t pick out exactly who this Razling really was. Damien muttered some garbled speech and tried to sit up. With a grunt, he looked around. The horizon slowly became horizontal once more, and things seemed to clarify themselves. The red shape gained a crisp, glowing edge again and Damien remembered where the Temple was. Or where it should have been, at least. It didn’t make sense! There was some sort of red dome around the Temple. Damien attempted to figure out what it was, but a blank spot filled the space that should have told him. He suddenly found his words again and he painfully groaned, “Must… Regain… Senses!”

Paragraph 52 – A Spinning, Blurry World

spinning blurry world smudgedParagraph 52, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Razling soon dozed off after exerting so much energy from attacking the magic wall. He flopped onto the ground, rolled over and snuggled into his feathers, his snoring a pulsing chirp.
Damien, dazed and weak, groaned and tried to get up. He hadn’t really noticed much but he could hear something. The world seemed to be spinning in three different directions and everything that would usually make sense was just jumbled like a humongous puzzle. For all Damien knew, his brain cells could be jumping around and going rogue. He stirred again and managed to sit up. Everything he could see was a blurry landscape, no details defined as they usually would. The green savannah rolled around him and a red smudge in his peripheral vision wobbled. Was that where that sound was coming from?

Paragraph 51 – Magical Wall

wall magical razling attack peck scratchParagraph 51, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

What Razling saw was an immense ‘bubble’ of red sparks and magic power just expanding and exploding, pushing Damien extremely fast through the air. Damien had been flung about 10 paibers from the temple, but Razling was now trapped. The power bubble had passed through Razling and surrounded the Temple, but when Razling tried to walk out, it blocked him like an invisible wall. He tried squawking and making as much racket as possible, but Damien was too dazed to notice anything. Panic started bouncing around inside Razling’s brain and fear clutched his heart with long, spiky tendrils. Razling whacked the wall with his wings, pecked it with his beak and scratched it with his claws, yet the magic held firm under Razling’s spell of fear and distress.

Paragraph 50 – In the Air

air lying on the ground flying flew across sky unconsciousParagraph 50, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

All Damien could register was a humongous, exploding noise before he was flying through the air. Red blurs surrounded him. Then he was sprawled on the ground. He couldn’t get up. Damien was suddenly exhausted. He lay there, looking up at the clouds scurrying across Planet J’s sprawling blue skies.
The thing is, Razling saw a very different view altogether.

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