Paragraph 357 – Unidentifiable

unidentifiable error message red writing textParagraph 357, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

First, Damien decided to try photo reference. The suspension beam cylinder had sensors on either end of it that began to scan the organism over, rotating it as they went. The 3D scanner cross-referencing computer that was connected to the cylinder was unable to find a match. Damien then used a pair of precision tweezers to take a tiny sample of DNA to put in an analysis tray. Another processor, this time connected to the tray, also gave a negative result. I handed Damien an identification scope from a cupboard and he waved the scope over the dead alien. It beeped and began to whir as it processed its analysis. A few seconds later, it beeped again, and a third monitor on a nearby lab desk displayed a resulting error message. The creature was unidentifiable.

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