Paragraph 362 – Epilogue: Eshliou

epilogue eshliou swirly writing font text spirals pinkParagraph 362, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Eshliou went on to stay in Extikcya, protecting it as a self-proclaimed ‘dimensional ranger’. She began taking an interest into Mog, who decided to become a dimensional ranger with her, and together they helped Extikcya thrive and flourish. She also obtained an encrypted, interdimensional radio transmitter to use as a device in the process of keeping in touch with Damien. Eshliou went on to change her bland, organic pink dressings to something more fashionable for a ranger, and she developed her own design organisation, of which became popular among the dragons for the creation of comfy, good-looking Extikcyan beds. No-one knows why the beds are so popular.

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