Paragraph 363 – Epilogue: Mog

epilogue mog stencilled military solid block writing font text yellow brownParagraph 363, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Mog, who had also become a dimensional ranger, began to work beside Eshliou in Extikcya’s peacekeeping. He managed to gain access to his own cross-dimension communicator to aid himself in maintaining contact with Damien. Mog decided to develop a range of high-tech security devices that would help him protect the dimension, including multiple new weapons and a vaporising forcefield. He also took interest into inventing other things such as floating bikes and self-thrusting hang-gliders that would make Extikcya a place full of fun and adventure for the inhabitants. Mog even went on to create a hovering mansion complex which could be used as accommodation for Eshliou, himself, and any other beings that might need to make use of it.

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