Paragraph 365 – Epilogue: Damien

epilogue damien chunky defined bouncy writing font text greenParagraph 365, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien also became a star among the crowds of Planet J. After he fully rebuilt the solar-helium battery and submitted it to the patents office, it became used as a widespread power source for rural vehicles everywhere. Damien continued to invent more things and gain more popularity, and he ended up getting one of his creations; an automated, precision-movement robotic arm, sent into space to go aboard a meteor probe. Damien was very proud of this achievement. He also went on to create a working hoverboard, which was quickly popularised by the teens of the planet. Damien made sure to make regular calls to Mog and Eshliou and see how they were going, but one day the two communicators just seemed to stop working, and they lost touch. The reason was a mystery.

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  1. Yes! The climax to the story!

    This was an awesome adventure and I loved seeing the characters develop in the story from beginning to end, and some of the battles were extremely intense.

    I loved it the whole way through!

    I can’t wait for the next Project.

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