About Me, My Site, My Art, And My Universe

Gyro Comet II - Digital Remaster

Art is an incredible thing. It allows people to have a hobby, to relax, to express themselves, to just do something…. art is everything and anything!

My name is JJ, and I’m 15 years old.

Welcome to my piece of the internet.

You can probably tell that art means a lot to me. JJY Productions is essentially a gallery for the things that I have created, boasting over 1100 works of art across 5 years of my life, from since I was the wee age of 11 years.

For three years straight, I made an artwork for every single day. Check out these projects on the Projects Page.

The scope of my interests expands further than art, however. I thoroughly enjoy video games, especially those of the sandbox genre. (What can I say; I’m of the creative type!) 3D (CAD) modelling is also something that I love and I aspire to get a 3D printer so that I can bring such models to life. I also gain delight from composing music (mainly electronic music – not any specific subset of this genre, but I don’t like dubstep much) and I plan to publish some of these pieces on my website soon.

Stay creative!

~ JJ Yconia

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