The Playdough Platter


Yesterday, my sister pulled the playdough out of the cupboard and set up a café with it, putting up signs around the house, including specials and a complete menu. I decided to order, because she really wanted to serve someone her food. So, I was escorted to the kitchen table.

Once at the table, I ordered the “Mini Seafood Platter” and a lime thickshake. Then I had a slice of chocolate cake with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

It all looked quite nice, but I knew I could probably do a little better. I entered her ‘kitchen’ and made the most beautiful seafood platter (full-sized, too!) out of this great medium we call playdough. I spent a long time on it; probably about the same time it took my sister to ‘cook’ a full-course meal. The outcome is one to be proud of, though.

seafood prawn lemon sauce tomato cherry tomato raw salmon blue mussel rocket leaves greens

From top left, clockwise: a little dish of tomato caper sauce, adorned with fresh herbs, a blue mussel nestled among fresh rocket, a large prawn, two petite, juicy baby tomatoes, four slices of perfectly smoked salmon and a lemon wedge for an extra flavour kick.

Wooden Car

Earlier this week, I made a little birthday present for a friend. I was so proud of the outcome that I decided to give you guys a look!

Wooden Car 2     Wooden Car 3     Wooden Car 4

It’s a wooden car, which is composed of some scrap timber, the bolts from lawn mower blades, and a nail. Nothing more to it. I hope you like it!

Wooden Car 1 Wooden Car 5 Wooden Car 6

Paragraph 147 – KA-POW!

KA-POW! holographic table tennis bounce ping pong racquet handle button fling projected 3DParagraph 147, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“The battle raged on and Gary won the match, but Budgelljuck was a fast learner and he managed to win the second match that they performed. KA-POW! went the ping-pong balls, as the sensors in the rackets picked them up. Ping, pong, ping, thonk, KA-POW! Budgelljuck and Gary both performed power shots as often as they could. Soon, both Budgelljuck and Gary had won ten table tennis matches each, and they were getting close to the end of the twenty-first match, which was going to be the winning point. The round seemed even, and the constant ping-pong noise was never interrupted by a ‘thonk, KA-POW!’  because the two were making sure they didn’t give their opponent a chance to have a power shot. It was a close battle. Ping, pong, ping, pong, ping, pong… And it went on. …ping, pong, ping, thonk, KA-POW! Suddenly Gary had grazed the ball from a badly aimed swing and the power that was lost was used by Budgelljuck, who won the match!

Paragraph 146 – Return of the Ping-Pong Ball

ping-pong ball serve one point digital pixels holographic ball projected fence net sensorsParagraph 146, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“Gary threw the holo-ping-pong ball through the air and Budgelljuck slapped it back with the amazing holographic sensors in the racket. Gary jumped to slam the ball and he did so successfully, seeing the ball bounce back off the sensor table and shoot through the air in a blur of light. Budgelljuck leaned to the side and returned it, but he lost much power and Gary was able to put some power into it, and the ball shot past and went through Budgelljuck’s face, because it was holographic. On the table, a red number 1 appeared on Gary’s side to indicate a point. “Har har,” chuckled Gary, “I ain’t be easy… But keep tryin’ with ya hearty efforts!”

Paragraph 145 – Holographic Table Tennis

holographic table tennis racket 3D sensors button activationParagraph 145, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

“Gary set the spaceship’s steering command to autopilot, tapping a few other buttons in the meanwhile. Once everything was ready, he flicked a small switch on the roof and a holo-sensitive table tennis table and holographic beam emitters rose out of the walls, ceiling and floor. Gary grabbed a small cylinder from a box, and he tossed Budgelljuck a custom heat-resistant one. With a buzz and a zap, a 3D projected racket appeared from each of the cylinders. Gary put on a holo-sensitive glove and gave Budgelljuck one to put on, making a holographic ping-pong ball from his. “You better be ready,” warned Gary, “‘Cos I won’t be goin’ easy on ya! It’s time to play holographic table tennis!”

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