The Playdough Platter


Yesterday, my sister pulled the playdough out of the cupboard and set up a café with it, putting up signs around the house, including specials and a complete menu. I decided to order, because she really wanted to serve someone her food. So, I was escorted to the kitchen table.

Once at the table, I ordered the “Mini Seafood Platter” and a lime thickshake. Then I had a slice of chocolate cake with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

It all looked quite nice, but I knew I could probably do a little better. I entered her ‘kitchen’ and made the most beautiful seafood platter (full-sized, too!) out of this great medium we call playdough. I spent a long time on it; probably about the same time it took my sister to ‘cook’ a full-course meal. The outcome is one to be proud of, though.

seafood prawn lemon sauce tomato cherry tomato raw salmon blue mussel rocket leaves greens

From top left, clockwise: a little dish of tomato caper sauce, adorned with fresh herbs, a blue mussel nestled among fresh rocket, a large prawn, two petite, juicy baby tomatoes, four slices of perfectly smoked salmon and a lemon wedge for an extra flavour kick.

Wooden Car

Earlier this week, I made a little birthday present for a friend. I was so proud of the outcome that I decided to give you guys a look!

Wooden Car 2     Wooden Car 3     Wooden Car 4

It’s a wooden car, which is composed of some scrap timber, the bolts from lawn mower blades, and a nail. Nothing more to it. I hope you like it!

Wooden Car 1 Wooden Car 5 Wooden Car 6

Notice: New Fan Art Page is Up and Running

Yes, you read that correctly. JJY Productions now has a fan art page for all to see!

Check it out in the navigation bar above or click right here to surf the galleries. Requests would be greatly appreciated; you can click on any of the photos to comment or leave a comment on this post to make a request, too.
And although it’s what you see in the gallery at the moment… Fan art doesn’t even have to be of certain characters! You can ask for my interpretations of landscapes and gadgets and who knows what else. Use your imagination! There is basically one guideline: anime and cartoon or videogame themes are preferred.

~ JJ

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