Digital Depictions 002

Hi again!

It is seriously fun to experiment with things to see what you can come up with. This image of a large-mouthed monster was inspired by one of the tools in the drawing app; a tool that made rough, square brush strokes, similar to that of a dried-up highlighter. I used this for the teeth of the monster and continued the rest from there.

Armless Mouth Monster

Also check out the artworks page, which gets new images every week. Or maybe you’d like to browse the website for something you enjoy, or request an artwork that you’d love to see me make!

Digital Depictions: 001

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently been playing around with a powerful drawing app on my iPad and some of the artworks that have developed from it have actually looked pretty good, so I’ll show you one of them today.

It’s a professor-looking guy, and he’s got a shining golden monocle and some snazzy clothing. The man also sports an impressive classic moustache.

Monocled Professor

Also check out the artworks page, which gets new images every week. Or maybe you’d like to browse the website for something you enjoy, or request an artwork that you’d love to see me make!

Notice: New Fan Art Page is Up and Running

Yes, you read that correctly. JJY Productions now has a fan art page for all to see!

Check it out in the navigation bar above or click right here to surf the galleries. Requests would be greatly appreciated; you can click on any of the photos to comment or leave a comment on this post to make a request, too.
And although it’s what you see in the gallery at the moment… Fan art doesn’t even have to be of certain characters! You can ask for my interpretations of landscapes and gadgets and who knows what else. Use your imagination! There is basically one guideline: anime and cartoon or videogame themes are preferred.

~ JJ

Paragraph 346 – Totem Tennis

totem tennis racquet ball stringParagraph 346, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

After giving the animals their required food, I looked around. There wasn’t much to see or do, so I went back inside and pried Damien from his desk. “Let’s do something fun,” I told him, and he protested that the editors would want a draft of his work as soon as possible. I talked him out of his excuse by offering him the opportunity to look at any of my own research files, and he accepted. We came into the centre of the backyard together and I used my gauntlet to generate a totem tennis pole, and then I threw Damien a racquet with a quick flick of my wrist. In my other hand, another racquet appeared, and we began to fight to whack the tennis ball as it swung around the totem on a string.

Paragraph 344 – The Tronic Book Library

tronic book library digital buttons ebook readerParagraph 344, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

As I watched the crane slowly fill and seal the road cells, Damien ran down the street to the library. In the libraries on Planet J, paper books were very rare, and most of the shelves were stacked with rows of slim e-readers. These devices were called tronic books, although they were originally ‘electronic books’; what we know as e-books. People had just decided to cut off the first part of the word instead. They were all powered by heat, and very little of it, at that matter, so every frictional swipe made on the touchscreen generated heat used for the battery. Damien was not there to read at leisure, but for knowledge, and he looked through the rows of non-fiction tronics. In the history section, he found one tronic on the topic of the Uiopleya beliefs. He turned it on and used the in-built search tool to find content about Temples, but none came up. Nonetheless, Damien decided to borrow it for further analysis, and when he reached his house again, the cementing crane was just leaving.

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