Wonderful Weekly Artworks: 005


Here’s my next artwork. I especially like the shadows that I added to this one.

It’s Planet J‘s Central Space Station, the Gyro Comet II. The space shuttle Momentum is flying towards it to dock at the top. Meanwhile, the solar system’s most important celestial object, the star named Solestis, rises over the Jellybean Desert.
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Gyro Comet II - Planet J Central Space Station

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Wonderful Weekly Artworks: 004


This is another collage, from the same unit of schoolwork that caused me to create my collage about anger.
The work you see before you is a representation of the Surrealism style of art, which I created after analysing the elements of Surrealist artworks. The theme of the artwork is of water all coming back to the same place, albeit abstractly represented.

Cycling Water - Surrealism Collage

Also check out the artworks page, which gets new images every week. Or maybe you’d like to browse the website for something you enjoy, or request an artwork that you’d love to see me make!

Paragraph 330 – A Talk Over Chocolate

chocolate block bar wrapper animal safe guocho strong chocolateParagraph 330, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

I flicked my fingers, and like a stack of cards, four blocks of chocolate fanned out. I took one for myself and placed the remaining three on the bench. “Animal safe,” I said, and Damien took the chocolate, feeding one block to each of his pets and snapping off a few squares of his own to nibble on. “So,” interrogated Damien, “Were you in Extikcya too?” I nodded. “And you put me through all of that hardship for me to almost die multiple times over?” he continued. I shook my head. “No,” I replied, “because was not the one to put you through all of that. I did follow you since the rocket launch earlier this morning–” I was cut off by Damien. “This MORNING?!” he exclaimed. I nodded again. “Time travel,” I told him, “is a confusing concept.”

Paragraph 323 – Extikcya Celebration

extikcya celebration confetti multicoloured yellow green orange blue purple pieces of paper small raining downParagraph 323, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien commenced celebration by throwing some magic confetti into the air. It exploded and multiplied, then began to rain down infinitely as Damien and his friends landed on an island and exchanged hugs. Before their eyes, the big island began to reform, as well as some of the smaller islands that were destroyed. The fog that had plagued Extikcya slowly cleared as the heroes celebrated. Eshliou began to cry tears of joy and they all stood happily in the new light of Extikcya. The evil of the Shadow Lord was no more. It was time for a new beginning in Extikcya.

Paragraph 322 – Extikcya’s Transformation

extikcya transformation bright grass bridges tree berries leafy bright fiery core power light shine darknessParagraph 322, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The quopechis, suddenly, was covered with lush green grass, and the stone itself became a darker shade of blue. Wooden bridges formed between the islands as many shadouettes came out from hiding and frolicked in the grass. Trees full of vibrant orange berries bloomed from the ground of the islands as a bright light emanated from a distant place below them. It almost seemed to be the core of the dimension. A warm breeze began to blow through the foliage, replacing the icy chill that had existed among the evil that the Shadow Lord had put there. A rainbow stretched through the sky, shining like a beacon in the air. Extikcya had been transformed.

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