The Playdough Platter


Yesterday, my sister pulled the playdough out of the cupboard and set up a café with it, putting up signs around the house, including specials and a complete menu. I decided to order, because she really wanted to serve someone her food. So, I was escorted to the kitchen table.

Once at the table, I ordered the “Mini Seafood Platter” and a lime thickshake. Then I had a slice of chocolate cake with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

It all looked quite nice, but I knew I could probably do a little better. I entered her ‘kitchen’ and made the most beautiful seafood platter (full-sized, too!) out of this great medium we call playdough. I spent a long time on it; probably about the same time it took my sister to ‘cook’ a full-course meal. The outcome is one to be proud of, though.

seafood prawn lemon sauce tomato cherry tomato raw salmon blue mussel rocket leaves greens

From top left, clockwise: a little dish of tomato caper sauce, adorned with fresh herbs, a blue mussel nestled among fresh rocket, a large prawn, two petite, juicy baby tomatoes, four slices of perfectly smoked salmon and a lemon wedge for an extra flavour kick.

Wonderful Weekly Artworks: 006

I probably owe an apology to you guys for not sticking to this weekly thing, but I’m not quite sure if I would be honestly sorry. I’ve just been procrastinating, really, so it’s sort of completely my fault.

But never mind that; the artwork is the important thing here. I drew this delectable dish at the request of a friend in the first part of a two-hour road trip. He wrote his order, and I prepared it on the paper. Looks like a pretty tasty burger, I must say.
If the ingredients interest you, it is as written below:
Sesame Bun, Pineapple, Angus Patty, Cheese, Pineapple, Cheese, Angus Patty, Big Mac Special Sauce, Angus Patty, Cheese, Pineapple, Ketchup, Bun.

Triple-Patty Cheesburger

If I were to take anything from the burger, which looks absolutely scrumptious, I’d certainly fancy the pineapple; it’s my favourite fruit!

Also check out the artworks page, which gets new images every week. Or maybe you’d like to browse the website for something you enjoy, or request an artwork that you’d love to see me make!

Paragraph 345 – Uiopleya Research

uiopleya research information words labels tablet pieceParagraph 345, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien hurried back inside and sat down to read the tronic. Every now and then, he also turned to his computer and typed a quick note. I noticed that he was in the same document as he had been editing earlier, and at closer examination I realised that Damien was writing a book of research on Uiopleya. Because he was engrossed in his work, I decided to bring Hex and Razling outside and feed them while Damien pored over the information in the tronic book.

Paragraph 247 – The Opportunity

opportunity slay crocodile stab blue fire flame sword power jump leap thrustParagraph 247, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The crocodile brought down its foot again and roared once more, shaking the island to its centre. Mog rolled out of the way as some cookies were shattered and sunk by the crocodile’s thick, stumpy leg. It fell through and splashed into the milk, and the crocodile, enraged, brought it out again and stomped towards Mog… And towards Damien. He crawled past, unnoticed, bringing his sword into a striking position. The crocodile reared up as it prepared to chomp Mog to pieces, and Damien used the opportunity. Now! He leapt up, plunging his flaming sword through the crocodile’s chest. It bellowed in agony and shook itself around, crushing more cream cookies that had made the arena. Damien lifted up a cookie and yanked a cherry-piranha from under it, lobbing it towards the open gash that was the crocodile’s heart. The piranha became frenzied, chomping into the wound, and the caramelised crocodile slumped into the milk, dead.
Damien had slain the creature.

Paragraph 246 – Rage of the Caramelised Crocodile

rage caramelised crocodile tail thwack whack fling flyParagraph 246, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Mog took up a wild yell as he hacked through the crocodile’s left leg. It shook him off too, going into a rage, and it brought its whole body onto the arena. Eshliou was winded as the enormous tail of the reptile smacked her waist. She was flung through the air at an extreme speed, landing on the arena in a temporarily paralysed state. Mog skirted around the crocodile, searching for an opening, looking for something that could get him close enough to its heart. As he did that, Damien lifted his usable arm and his legs to crawl along the cookies towards the crocodile. No person or animal noticed him.

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