The Playdough Platter


Yesterday, my sister pulled the playdough out of the cupboard and set up a café with it, putting up signs around the house, including specials and a complete menu. I decided to order, because she really wanted to serve someone her food. So, I was escorted to the kitchen table.

Once at the table, I ordered the “Mini Seafood Platter” and a lime thickshake. Then I had a slice of chocolate cake with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

It all looked quite nice, but I knew I could probably do a little better. I entered her ‘kitchen’ and made the most beautiful seafood platter (full-sized, too!) out of this great medium we call playdough. I spent a long time on it; probably about the same time it took my sister to ‘cook’ a full-course meal. The outcome is one to be proud of, though.

seafood prawn lemon sauce tomato cherry tomato raw salmon blue mussel rocket leaves greens

From top left, clockwise: a little dish of tomato caper sauce, adorned with fresh herbs, a blue mussel nestled among fresh rocket, a large prawn, two petite, juicy baby tomatoes, four slices of perfectly smoked salmon and a lemon wedge for an extra flavour kick.

Paragraph 28 – Dinner Preparations

dinner stiklint spit roasting fire logs stones fire pit antlers poles stick through stiklint food meat venisonParagraph 28, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

After another hour, they had completed making the waterskin and the bucket. Damien used a rope made of vines to lower the bucket down his well,  and once he brought it up again, he and Razling had a very long drink, savouring as much of the cool liquid as they could. After the thirst quenching, Damien also remembered about the stiklint. They needed to eat it for dinner! Then maybe the leftovers could be turned into jerky.  It was getting dark, but Razling and Damien found enough sticks together to have a fire that would last half the night and allow them to roast the stiklint. Razling also managed to find a few forked branches, perfect for a spit to roast the stiklint on. When they were ready, Damien shoved a stick through the stiklint and slowly turned it over the fire, letting it cook evenly. Soon it would be time for dinner in the savannah!


couykeurt crustulum hominis cookie man animal creature green eyes dough skin body frameIt’s another Experiment! Number: 339.

I made this weird cookie-like creature with two green glowing eyes. Its name, couykeurt, is pretty much just an accent on ‘cookie’. Currently, the only information known is that they hide in caves on the shores along Chocolate Gulf on Planet J. A couykeurt’s scientific name is crustulum hominis, which literally means ‘cookie man’. They’re about 75 cm tall, though, so couykeurts are actually not big enough to be men.

Lard From a Pig

lard pig fat push yuck shove 100% pureScrabble Picture 199!

Eeeeew! The word was ‘lard’ this time. Here I’ve got a big fat pig pushing his cousin’s fat away! This disgusted pig is screaming out “YUCK!” as he tries not to think about this awful tub of 100% pure lard…

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