Wonderful Weekly Artworks: 004


This is another collage, from the same unit of schoolwork that caused me to create my collage about anger.
The work you see before you is a representation of the Surrealism style of art, which I created after analysing the elements of Surrealist artworks. The theme of the artwork is of water all coming back to the same place, albeit abstractly represented.

Cycling Water - Surrealism Collage

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cypeiru caninis speciosa shaggy furry beautiful canine nose wet black glistening shimmering eyes coat golden brown gold circular cylindrical legs bare long straight ears teeth tail fluffy poofyDrawing 328 of the Scrabble Project.

The second day of our athletics carnival, I continued what I did the previous day – draw animals! I drew a total of nine animals this time, and I decided I would choose the best one to draw today. I created the…:
Speckled Eon Frog
Biggobas Beetle
So all those may be hard to pronounce, but don’t worry, because I’ll make it easy once I make a guide to Planet J’s animals. For now, we can just focus on the cypeiru (pronounced sie-PEER-oo), because it was the animal that looked the best! With golden-brown, shimmering, shaggy fur and round bare legs, the beauty of this dog-like creature is contrasted and recycled with great glamour. The wide, wet, black eyes are a perfect addition to the flowing fur and gives the cypeiru that touch of style, whereas the ears compliment the legs with that gold colour and the straight stature. The scientific name for the cypeiru is caninis speciosa, so in Latin it fittingly means ‘beautiful canine’.

Drilaz and Egock at a Window

drilaz egock cat window paw leaf ant fly tongue snatch smack eaten windowsill glass pane reflection misted stripes eyes bulging red orange yellow blueThis is a Scrabble Drawing numbered 327.

We had the first half of our two-day athletics carnival today. I brought along some paper to draw on, and I made some animals. First I made a dinosaur-bat-fox-bug hybrid which I named (with the help of my best friend Sam) the hungkhip, then I made these two reptiles that I have drawn above, the egock and the drilaz.
The drilaz, which is an anagram for lizard, is the larger of the two, the length measuring between 12-17 cm. It has deep blue stripes going across its body, and the main body ranges from a vibrant yellow to a light orange, depending on the climate. The scientific name is parum stelio, which means ‘little lizard’.
The egock, being an anagram for gecko, is relatively smaller than the drilaz, growing between four and seven centimetres. The tail is much shorter in comparison and the eyes don’t bulge out as much. The pattern is also different, always keeping with one stripe longways down the body. The body is always red and the stripe is deep orange. The egock’s scientific name is parvus stelio, meaning ‘tiny lizard’ in Latin.