The Playdough Platter


Yesterday, my sister pulled the playdough out of the cupboard and set up a café with it, putting up signs around the house, including specials and a complete menu. I decided to order, because she really wanted to serve someone her food. So, I was escorted to the kitchen table.

Once at the table, I ordered the “Mini Seafood Platter” and a lime thickshake. Then I had a slice of chocolate cake with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

It all looked quite nice, but I knew I could probably do a little better. I entered her ‘kitchen’ and made the most beautiful seafood platter (full-sized, too!) out of this great medium we call playdough. I spent a long time on it; probably about the same time it took my sister to ‘cook’ a full-course meal. The outcome is one to be proud of, though.

seafood prawn lemon sauce tomato cherry tomato raw salmon blue mussel rocket leaves greens

From top left, clockwise: a little dish of tomato caper sauce, adorned with fresh herbs, a blue mussel nestled among fresh rocket, a large prawn, two petite, juicy baby tomatoes, four slices of perfectly smoked salmon and a lemon wedge for an extra flavour kick.

Paragraph 66 – The Annoying Buzz

annoying buzz sound magic noise red squigglesParagraph 66, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

The pair started to walk away with their toys and the jerky and the waterskins all in the sack. Razling was downcast, and Damien was now disappointed in himself for making Razling sad. They shuffled along the ground, not really excited any more. Everything was ruined. Or was it?
Damien heard something buzz for a second. He thought that it was just a hoitfly, but then he realised it was a different sort of buzz. It was almost… Well, Damien wasn’t sure, but it was different to any sort of buzz he had heard before. Different to a bug, different to a macrowave or a microwave. It was almost magical in a way. But of course! Magical! That might make sense…

Paragraph 64 – Yay! A Frisbee!

frisbee throwing fun spinning disc plastic gilding airParagraph 64, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Soon a plastic disc had popped from the air too. Damien hollowed it into a perfect frisbee shape and he threw it to Razling experimentally. It caught the air and glided along the wind, so Razling jumped up, flapping his wings, and caught it in his beak in a half-flying state. “Well done,” Damien congratulated. “That was a great catch!” Razling puffed out his chest in pride and flung the frisbee back again. Damien dived to catch it. “Yes!” he cried, as the disc impacted with the palm of his hand. “This is so fun, Razling!” declared Damien. “I could do this forever!”

Paragraph 63 – Marbles… A Soccer Ball…

soccer ball 20 set of marbles magic sparks radiating bang colours glassParagraph 63, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien built up the magic and let it swirl around in his fingertips. One by one, sparks popped from the air above Damien’s hands and the magic clumped up into little balls. Soon, about twenty red and yellow spheres were pulsing and bobbing in the dry heat. Damien closed his hand and said to Razling, “Here comes the marbles!” True to his word, the marbles materialized from the glowing ruby objects and dropped to the ground, ready to be used. Damien did the same to make a soccer ball, using both hands and forming a magic globe between them. It turned into a ball with a puff of smoke. “Now,” stated Damien, “I can change the properties of this ball with a few more sparks.” Razling highly doubted it, so he snorted. Yeah, right. But Damien shot some magic at the soccer ball and suddenly it was a bouncy basketball. He changed it again. Wow! A tennis ball! Razling hung his head. He was wrong, Damien was right…

Paragraph 62 – Maker of Marbles

make marbles magic approach ideal perfect solution magic spark creation curling marbleParagraph 62, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien decided to make the marbles first, because the smaller it was, the easier it was going to be. Or at least that’s what Damien had hypothesised, based on experience. Unless it was a microchip he was working on. Damien sighed for technology and his great inventions. But he went back to reality soon enough, and he thought of a perfect idea. “Razling, Razling!” Damien cried. “I thought of the perfect approach to this!” Razling bounced over to Damien and cocked his head. “You remember when I was trying to make things out of the air using magic, right?” Razling nodded. “Well, the biggest thing I could make was a flower. Marbles are smaller than flowers, so maybe I can make us proper marbles, mind you, instead of crafting them!” Razling agreed excitedly. Damien’s plan was perfect!

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