Drauthoring Project

This is the third project I am doing to improve my drawing.
It’s called the Drauthoring Project because I love writing and I love drawing, so to make the two interests coincide with each other, I found that I could write a paragraph each day and draw a picture to go with it. Each of the 365 paragraphs will flow into each other, so eventually I will have a story in one year.
The word “drauthoring” is a word I made up that comes from “draw” and “author”, and the “ing” on the end makes it a verb, therefore the “Drauthoring Project”.
Anyway, the main character, Damien, is a boy who loves adventures, so he goes out into Planet J and does all sorts of things. This is the base for each picture and paragraph. Sometimes I will make him do something similar to what I did that day, so that you can see what’s going on in my life like the other two projects allowed.
To find all the awesome paragraphs of this epic illustrated story, click here!

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  1. SK says:

    Wahoo! 😉

  2. SK says:


  3. SK says:

    Good job! My favourite drawings so far are Paragraphs 3, 32, 90, 96, 148, 152, 194, 198, 208, 217 and 223. (That’s a lot! :P)

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