JJY Products Shop Banner $ dollar signs line stripe colour tiltingLike my artworks? Buy artworks! A range of my artworks, books and even decorative stationery I’ve made are for sale!
You can also order a personalised and enhanced original of any drawing on this website by contacting: enquiries (at) jjyproductions (dot) com – (no spaces and swap ‘at’ for the at symbol and the ‘dot’ for a full stop).

If you would like to view your shopping cart, it is in the sidebar.  Shipping costs for physical products will appear in the cart.


  • Digital products are non-printable PDF documents that can be saved to your computer or portable device.
  • Physical products shown here are not available for postage outside Australia at this stage. If you are an overseas visitor, you are welcome to purchase digital products as specified, although if you would like to purchase physical items, please contact me with the above email address and mention the items required for information on shipping costs.
  • If you are a local customer and know me personally, email me at the above address to arrange your postage-free order.
  • *Colour choice – At the checkout page, please specify colour(s) wanted for each product in the “Add” text field.

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/2″] BOOKS
>   Adventures on Planet J   <

AOPJ Attack of the String Bug Title JJY ProductionsAttack of the String Bug E-Book  {DIGITAL COPY}
$1.50 AUD

[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”1/2″] MISCELLANEOUS
>   Stationery   <

Pipecleaner (Chenille Stem) Aliens 5-Pack JJY Products Shop JJY ProductionsPipecleaner Alien Pencil Toppers (5-Pack, Includes Pencils) (Assorted Colours and Eyes)
$6.50 AUD 

Pipecleaner (Chenille Stem) Aliens 2-Pack JJY Products Shop JJY Productions
Pipecleaner Alien Pencil Toppers (2-Pack, Includes Pencils) (Assorted Eyes *)
$3.00 AUD 

Pipecleaner (Chenille Stem) Aliens 1-Pack JJY Products Shop JJY Productions
Pipecleaner Alien Pencil Topper (Includes Pencil) (Assorted Eyes *)
$1.50 AUD 

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