Notice: New Fan Art Page is Up and Running

Yes, you read that correctly. JJY Productions now has a fan art page for all to see!

Check it out in the navigation bar above or click right here to surf the galleries. Requests would be greatly appreciated; you can click on any of the photos to comment or leave a comment on this post to make a request, too.
And although it’s what you see in the gallery at the moment… Fan art doesn’t even have to be of certain characters! You can ask for my interpretations of landscapes and gadgets and who knows what else. Use your imagination! There is basically one guideline: anime and cartoon or videogame themes are preferred.

~ JJ

Paragraph 365 – Epilogue: Damien

epilogue damien chunky defined bouncy writing font text greenParagraph 365, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Damien also became a star among the crowds of Planet J. After he fully rebuilt the solar-helium battery and submitted it to the patents office, it became used as a widespread power source for rural vehicles everywhere. Damien continued to invent more things and gain more popularity, and he ended up getting one of his creations; an automated, precision-movement robotic arm, sent into space to go aboard a meteor probe. Damien was very proud of this achievement. He also went on to create a working hoverboard, which was quickly popularised by the teens of the planet. Damien made sure to make regular calls to Mog and Eshliou and see how they were going, but one day the two communicators just seemed to stop working, and they lost touch. The reason was a mystery.

Paragraph 364 – Epilogue: Professor Kaiyoski

epilogue professor kaiyoski serifs simple writing font text grey silverParagraph 364, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Professor Kaiyoski became a celebrity in short timing. He made the decision to form a breeding centre for shadouettes, and Damien smuggled two shadouettes out of Extikcya and into Planet J, with Eshliou and Mog’s help, to give the professor a boost with his breeding. The shadouettes felt right at home in Planet J and became quickly accustomed to the new environment, as did Hex. Kaiyoski was further encouraged to investigate more myths, and he did successfully prove many of them as either truth or fraud.

Paragraph 363 – Epilogue: Mog

epilogue mog stencilled military solid block writing font text yellow brownParagraph 363, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Mog, who had also become a dimensional ranger, began to work beside Eshliou in Extikcya’s peacekeeping. He managed to gain access to his own cross-dimension communicator to aid himself in maintaining contact with Damien. Mog decided to develop a range of high-tech security devices that would help him protect the dimension, including multiple new weapons and a vaporising forcefield. He also took interest into inventing other things such as floating bikes and self-thrusting hang-gliders that would make Extikcya a place full of fun and adventure for the inhabitants. Mog even went on to create a hovering mansion complex which could be used as accommodation for Eshliou, himself, and any other beings that might need to make use of it.

Paragraph 362 – Epilogue: Eshliou

epilogue eshliou swirly writing font text spirals pinkParagraph 362, Book 1. The Drauthoring Project.

Eshliou went on to stay in Extikcya, protecting it as a self-proclaimed ‘dimensional ranger’. She began taking an interest into Mog, who decided to become a dimensional ranger with her, and together they helped Extikcya thrive and flourish. She also obtained an encrypted, interdimensional radio transmitter to use as a device in the process of keeping in touch with Damien. Eshliou went on to change her bland, organic pink dressings to something more fashionable for a ranger, and she developed her own design organisation, of which became popular among the dragons for the creation of comfy, good-looking Extikcyan beds. No-one knows why the beds are so popular.

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