This website began as an extension of an art project that my mother talked me into doing – drawing a picture every single day for a whole year about what I did that day. Not only was it incredibly useful in building my skills as an artist, it was also a disciplinary exercise.

However, I don’t think I applied this discipline enough… I’m still a master procrastinator. At least I’m trying to change my behaviour; that’s better than nothing, right?

One month after starting this 365-day project, I began to post the works on my website. But then the project evolved to be for the website.

After completing the first year, I kept going. Of course, things can become monotonous – in this case, it was both the grind of drawing and posting each day as well as running out of unique things that had happened in a day. So for my second year-long project, the twist was this: we had a bowl of scrabble tiles, and if I needed something to draw because the day was boring, I would stir the tiles and then use the first word I could construct from the upwards-facing tiles. This also allowed me to expand the topics of what I was drawing; it forced me to draw random verbs and nouns that I otherwise wouldn’t have drawn. I also gave myself the liberty of being able to draw anything else if I so wished.

However, art isn’t my only interest. I also enjoy a number of other things – as mentioned on my about page – one of these such interests being writing. This sparked the concept of my third year-long project; the drauthoring project. Each day, I wrote a paragraph, and then created the illustration to accompany it. Each of the 365 paragraphs were created to flow into each other, creating a full story over the course of the year. The word “drauthoring” is a word I made up that comes from “draw” and “author”, and the “ing” on the end makes it a verb.

Three years of drawing each day generates a lot of images by the end – 1095 of them, to be exact. It also ends up causing a lot of improvement – let me show you.

sick cough sniffle headache snotty air lightning electricity

This is the first person I drew in the 365 days project; the 11th picture. I look back on it now and am disgusted by that sharp triangle of an appendage. (The booger is fine. Just get rid of the pointy nose!!)

Now, for comparison, here is a person I drew from a year later, a little bit after the start of the Scrabble project:

snowy mountains toboganning snowball fight fort This was something to really remember! We went to Perisher Valley in the Snowy Mountains and went TOBOGGANING. TOBOGGANING!! It was the experience of a lifetime! It was the first time I have gone tobogganing, and I couldn't ever forget that amazing time I had on the Perisher slopes. What we did before that is what I need to tell you first, though... We woke up at around 6 AM, had our brekkie around 6:15, and went for Cooma close to 6:30. Arrived at the Ski Co. at Cooma at around 8 o'clock. Once we had our ski gear on and our toboggans in the bus, we crossed the road and had a delicious morning tea of our own choice at McDonalds. I got to have a specialised gluten free order of just bacon, eggs and cheese, with a cup of fresh orange juice, and afterwards I ate a large, delicious slice of Jaffa Torté Cake! Yum! Then we left for the excitement of tobogganing... We made it to the Ski Train Station (Ski Tube) close to 11:00, and arrived at the snow at quarter past. It was an awesome time we had at the snow! It was cold, bright and new... I loved it. I also was the one to do the honours of falling in the snow first! I was walking with the rest of the group when I tripped on my toboggan, twirled around and landed on my backpack in a mini snow-bank! That was hilarious! Then we picked up snow, compacted it and threw it at each other - snowball fight! We walked upwards a bit further, and layed our bags down on the rocks. Then most of us grabbed our toboggans, went to the top, and let it rip! That was the start of tobogganing! We loved that part! Then, later, while I was with some friends building a big ice-wall, and the snow was coming down slowly and without much enthusiasm, my best friend Sam showed me the fastest slope on the whole mountainside... I watched him do it (including slam into a large pile of snow with a mini wall around it) and tried it out for myself. MAN, THAT WAS SUPER-SPEED! I got flipped around it the process of going down, and my toboggan went off-course... I stopped at the marshy, grassy area. Then Sam went down again, doing a foward-roll and losing his toboggan when he hit a big bump, then I went tobogganing down that steepy slope again. I got flipped around again, so that my toboggan was facing backwards! That was craziness! I was gaining speed, gripping my toboggan tightly, trying to look down without getting snow in my eyes... Then I reached that big snow pile. KA-BAM! I commando-rolled down the side of the pile, still clinging to my tobbogan. Splat! What a silly thing to do. Anyway, we kept going down that slippery slope in the mountains until it was time to leave. We went back onto the train at the Ski Train Station and went through the Ski Tube. We got out of the train and waited for an hour or so before going onto the bus, and as we were waiting, it started snowing properly. That was radical!!! I had seen snow before, but not like that! We went outside to the buses and by that time, the snow was falling with force! Everywhere for the next 50 kilometres, where there was originally no snow, the ground was not even visible anymore!! Everything, COMPLETELY EVERYTHING, was white. WOW. Later we arrived back at our accomodation and ate dinner and went to bed. That was the biggest day of the camp!

Note the rounded nose and the hair going behind the head. Progress! Also, this is when my people began to have jointed elbows instead of flexible, curvy arms. Yes, the perspective is off in a variety of places, but again: Progress!

Go forward another year to the start of the drauthoring project. Now say hi to my favourite character, child prodigy Damien!

damien's space adventure boy 12 years old yellow stars shirt orange-red blue denim jeans red-brown hair green eyes

He looks pretty sweet, right? At this point I was also using a fineliner to outline my works and watercolour pencils to colourise them. The arms still have a bit of a curve and that’s part of my style, but it’s not a “doesn’t-make-sense” sort of curve. I find it interesting how the lines I use for ear details are very similar between the original people and the current ones, but in between I tried all sorts of different things.

(If this interests you, I’m making a post on the development of my style – to see it when it comes out, just subscribe via email to the right or below, depending on your device.)

My point is that the doing of these projects has caused a bunch of improvement. To see all 1095 steps in the process, check out each project by selecting a button below, or use the tabs under “Projects” in the menu.


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