Scrabble Project

Another project started – the 365 Pictures has finished.

Let me present the all new… Scrabble Project! The way this one works is:
1. I choose something that stood out in the day and draw it,
2. If nothing ‘important’ happened, I use the ‘Scrabble Bowl’. What I see in there, I will draw,
3. I may have an idea in my head that I want to try out. This is an Experiment.

You see, the scrabble bowl is full of scrabble tiles, so when I run out of ideas, I can go to the bowl and just mix it up a bit. Then I will look inside the bowl and the very first word I see, I draw, and then that is my picture for the day.

I’ll be drawing 365 pictures for this one too…
Click here to explore all the awesome pics I’ve drawn for this project!

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