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JJY Productions was first created when I, JJ, made a slide show at school. The JJY Productions base is located on Star Island, Planet J.  Planet J lies in galaxy 128, and the ‘wormhole’ that leads to 128 is hidden in a plunger-shaped constellation (and I’ve double-checked) with the name ‘Crater‘. I decided to make an indestructible force-field around the planet, so that no aliens would make it through. The ruler of Planet J is Leonardo the Liberal, Supreme Ruler of Creative Culture. (It took 5 years to find him!) I live in the city Awesome, which sits in the middle of Star Island. There I have two imaginary friends, named Johnny Smite and Annie Smite. I also have a superhero, named Superior SuperJ, and he is made CoMpLeTeLy out of electricity. There are also creatures there called Squibeez, singular Squibbis, which are fuzzy, small and all have completely different personalities. I have a two-story house, with a laboratory next to it. In my 500m square backyard, I have a landing pad for my private rocket, which has a seat for me and a seat for my best friend, Sam. Some traditional dishes are marshmallow tarts and jellybean curry (with pink bananas!).  Everything in galaxy 128 I created, including the creatures and landscape of Planet J.

In real life, I’m aged 15.  I have created real-life 3D models of things like my Imaginary Computer (MODEL J05) and I have written books about my Adventures on Planet J, some of which are available for purchase here. I plan to make a mini model of my private rocket. I LOVE drawing, building with stuff like LEGO and doing all sorts of craft.

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You can also contact me using email:  jj (at) jjyproductions (dot) com – (no spaces and swap ‘at’ for the at symbol and the ‘dot’ for a full stop).


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22 Responses to The JJY Profile

  1. Mitchell says:

    This website is awesome JJ and I love your pictures and the Star Island thing is very creative!

  2. Mitchell says:

    Well, I know you always will :)! Hope you have a great Christmas and wishes for the new year! See you in 2013!

  3. B says:

    Oh my goodness JJ – this is SOOOOOOOOO great! I love it! LOVE. IT!

  4. Mitchell says:

    Hey, JJ! I am loving getting emails from you! All of those awesome pictures have made my day lots of times! Oh, and B, your blog is awesome too!

  5. ZP says:

    Hi JJ

    I love the whole website – hope you enjoy drawing the pics for this place!

  6. Hannah.T says:

    Cool Website!! I love this!

  7. SK says:

    Where did you get the idea for this???? I’d like to make one…but that’d be copying your idea…so…too bad for me! 🙁 But I don’t mind. Like it.

    • JJ says:

      The idea(s) are all original from my mind. Glad you like it! Remember, I actually started JJY Productions in 2010, and Planet J was 2009.

  8. Batdan says:


  9. Could I get some help to make my website?

  10. T-productions says:

    Hey JJ, when can Tskyjj start?

  11. SK says:

    A good idea would maybe be to have a Videos page on your website instead of just having your vids on your YouTube channel.

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